Pasión y conocimiento. El nuevo realismo melodramático, Ediciones Cátedra, 2009


The slow return of realism, of the figurative, as a focus of interest in representation after the long modernist hegemony of the abstract, forces us to reconsider the role that the field of the artistic –reconfigured and magnified after the hypothetical death of art– plays in contemporary societies.

The melodramatic becomes a symbolic form that is able to function as the base for a new realism which comes to substitute the distant and objective realism on which classical aesthetics and a great part of modern aesthetics lean. What now comes to light is a passionate hyperrealism which underscores and visualizes profound layers of the social landscape. We could say that melodrama has always subverted the reality principle and in this way it has exposed the sinister side of that which is considered real in all of its forms. This sinister condition of the melodramatic proposal is now an element inscribed in the actual texture of images, in the visualization that the latter make of social gestures and psychosocial types, as well as of their interrelations and dynamisms.

Taking as a base the idea of moral landscape, of allegorical character and result of the sinister condition that the melodrama brings out in realism, this book takes up a series of journeys through diverse melodramatic paradigms which belong to different formal geographies, in order to confirm the spontaneous apparition of what will constitute the privileged form of any attempt at realism in the field of representation. This is about a melodramatic realism that is linked to knowledge, a new epistemology founded on a fortified alliance between aesthetics and emotions.




1. Sin tiempo para la melancolía

2. La excepción a medianoche

3. El apogeo de lo íntimo

4. Formas visibles de la intimidad

5. Nueva figuración: el cuerpo como frontera

6. Una epistemología del cuerpo

7. La resurrección de la realidad

8. La imaginación fotográfica del mundo

9. El realismo invertido

10. Una casa no es un hogar

11. La melodramatización de lo real

12. Los paseos del detective por una realidad en ruinas

13. La arquitectura encontrada

14. Los trazos del nuevo realismo melodramático

15. Lo íntimo y lo siniestro

16. La luz y el deseo

17. La realidad se crea, se destruye y además se transforma

18. Ausencia de palabra, abundancia de imagen

19. Una poética del espacio interior

20. Tu gozo sobrepasa nuestro reino

21. Posrealismo

22. Esencia de melodrama

23. Por una dramaturgia excéntrica