Anàlisi. Quaderns de communicació i cultura, Imatge i coneixement / Imagen y conocimiento, número 27, 2001


By placing ourselves on the limits of utopia we are able to become aware of the necessary reconsideration of the role that the image plays in our society, especially in regards to its relationship to knowledge. Neither the proliferation in the past years of investigations on the image from diverse points of view which comprise the necessary recuperation of unjustly forgotten cultural areas –such as those by the Warburg school– nor the emergence of a sudden interest in so-called visual culture have managed to break, as of yet, the reticence that both humanistic and scientific culture have about the image. From this perspective, we have decided to interrogate different specialists related to this field, not only so that they may give us a diagnosis of this new situation, but also so that they reflect, each in their specific field, on the possibilities that images, both traditional as well as more recent ones, have proved to have in managing knowledge.